Hi! my name is Jaclyn and I initially started this blog as a beauty outlet for me to post pictures of makeup looks I do and products I love. I will always love beauty and makeup and post about my favorites, but I am also currently a college student. I go to school in New England and attend my school's social work program.
 I am so passionate about helping the public, advocating for marginalized populations, breaking mental stigma, and (hopefully) change lives for the better!
I want to bring a positive vibe to this blog and talk about the things that are hard to find information about regarding social work! When I was researching this career and school, I could hardly find any relaistic / helpful info, So here I am creating my own!

From makuep, to lifestyle, to education, I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and getting my perspective!

Hustle and Highlight is for the hardworking girl or guy that wants to hustle to their dreams every day, while staying on top of the beauty game!