My At Home Pamper Routine 

I am so excited to be writing this post! My at home pamper routine is extremely important to me. At least once a week I use products that will make me feel a little bit sane after days of my busy schedule. Your own personal pamper routine can really get you back into a clear mindset and make you feel refreshed before returning to the real world. I hope you are able to get some inspiration!
How I start off:

     First thing is to fill a cup with tea (or wine) and get into those comfy clothes! Once I’m in my warm pajamas or lounge wear, the beauty portion begins and I put a face mask and eye gels on. I am obsessed with skin care so a mask is definitely necessary on my pamper list. Depending on how my skin is, I choose between a regular clay/ cream consistency or a sheet mask. I’m currently using my Blissoma Refine Clay Renewal Mask. This aids in oily congested skin which is exactly my skin type. It has celery juice enzymes and a semi grainy texture which is great for exfoliation. This brand is also certified organic, vegan and cruelty free!

The eye gels I use are the Que Bella brand from Target. They are the “moisturizing eye gel mask” packets and they are very cooling (which will de-puff a bit) once placed under the eye. The pack of three sets is only a few bucks. Once a month or so I will also do a coconut oil hair treatment. Slathering on some coconut oil makes my hair soft and shiny!

While I let all of this sit – it’s time to tidy up. This may not be everyone’s go-to but it makes me feel like I have an organized atmosphere to relax in; and a legit part of my routine. I straighten everything up in my room quickly and light an amazing smelling bath and body works candle (I recommend sweater weather.) By the time I do this process and maybe watch a YouTube video, it’s time to jump in the shower.

After washing my hair and relaxing my muscles in the hot water I can officially lay down. Whether its reading or watching a show – I try to unplug from using my phone and put it on the other side of the room.

If I need to paint my nails now is the time to do that! I will do a separate routine post for that one! Painting my nails also relaxes me and allows me to focus in on something to de-stress my mind. I’ll be lounging in bed until I am completely calm and laid back.

I hope everyone has a great week! Try some of your own relaxation techniques to help you unwind from a crazy busy life! Let me know what you do to relax so we can all try some new routines/ products.



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*Blissoma Mask image sourced from

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