New Wet n Wild Highlighters Review

    Get Your Glow On – Affordably!

I had yet to find a perfect drugstore highlighter – until I discovered the Wet n Wild highlighter collection. There is a reason I am Hustle & HIGHLIGHT; I love to have that natural glow! When I find a Highlight that makes my skin appear well rested and alive, I scoop that product up very quick. Don’t get me wrong I am still very much in love with my Mary-lou-manizer from The Balm coming in at $24.00, but these Wet n Wilds are under $6!!

Today I would like to do a quick review of three I have been loving, so you can see just how beautiful they really are!

They swatch and apply so nice and smooth. I have not experienced any chalky fallout!

(Top to bottom: Precious Petals, I’ll Have a Cosmo, Boozy Brunch)

           MegaGlo Highlighting Powder $3.99

– Precious Petals –

    To Reflect Shimmer Baked Highlighter $5.99

– I’ll Have a Cosmo –

    To Reflect Shimmer Baked Highlighter $5.99

– Boozy Brunch –

   Just pop these on top of your cheekbones and you’re good to go! I have been faithfully alternating with these three highlighters for over  a month now and I can honestly give them five stars. They are true to pigment and a gem at the drugstore. Whether you are just starting out with makeup or a pro artist I think these Wet n Wild highlighters will fit into your collection perfectly.




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