Six College Fashion Essentials

As an experienced College student I have some fashion must-have products that would be difficult to get through the semesters without! I highly recommend these products to you based off of my constant use of them! Of course, I am a strict lover of the basic white and black tees, sweaters, etc. but I have found these particular pieces to be necessary at all times!

If you do not have an Amazon Prime account – PAUSE reading this post and go sign up! FREE two-day shipping on almost anything you could possibly need (this being a blessing is an understatement.) With your student email you can get the first 6 months of Prime free on a trial basis. After my trial run I remember thinking that I could not live without it!

All of these products are from Amazon and reflect the current price at which I am posting it. If you want to see what my essentials are at a budget friendly cost; keep reading!

1.) Women’s Columbia Rain Jacket (Black) – $28.95








A Rain Jacket is a Must! You do not want to be caught dripping  wet heading into class.

2.) Cat Eye Mirror Sunglasses (Pink) – $12.98

These are my favorite sunglasses at the moment. I can’t drive with the sun in my eyes and they’re cute to top it off!

3.) Classic Stud Earrings (Silver) – $12.99

I’m obsessed with these studs! They pair with  absolutely anything and add a touch of classiness to any outfit. Whether I’m dressed up or down I can always pull off these earrings (and you can’t beat the price!)

4,) Classic Nude Flats – $12.99

These flats are so classic and versatile! They are perfect and comfortable enough for a school day, coffee date or going out at night. I think every girl should own a pair of these! Nude goes with everything!

5.) Grey Comfy Boots – $44.00

These Bearpaw boots are an essential in my college wardrobe. There are plenty of days I would rather stay in bed on a freezing winter morning, but throwing these soft boots on make me feel a little bit better about taking on the day. Comfort is everything to me and the color of these go well with any lounge wear.

6.) Classic Black Leggings – $12.45

If anyone knows me, they know I live in leggings. These yoga leggings I found are so comfy – I actually use them to workout in too!

So there ya go, six of some recent buys that I LOVE having in my closet. I will for sure be doing more of these posts because I am always on Amazon looking for the next deal. I hope you obtained some inspiration / ideas for your next cold weather shopping trip!




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