21 Things I Have Learned and Loved

As my birthday creeps closer and closer I have come to realize how fast life seems to be going. I turn 22 years old on November 1st and it does not feel real. 12 days?! My fourth year of college is upon me! Sure 22 is not old but now-a-days society makes you feel like you should be Bill Gates type successful by now. In my opinion your 20’s are for mess-ups and get-back-ups. Life is a learning process. Today I want to share mine with you. Even though time has felt like it’s speeding up, I have learned to slow down. Here are 21 things I learned in 21 years.

  1.  Be grateful for your support systems. Acknowledge those REALLY great family members, friends and significant others and tell them as often as possible.
  2. Do not take social media too seriously – it is a world of its own
  3. You can delete toxic friendships and relationships.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make new friends.
  5. Reach out to the people you truly miss and love.
  6. Do NOT let time with loved ones slip away from you. (getting buried in work or school)
  7. You have to make time for your passions!
  8. Explore said passions!
  9. I know how to make a really good salmon and asparagus dinner (thank you Pinterest)
  10. Take New year goals seriously – or new month/ day goals – whatever it is, set up some time for executing what you want to do.
  11. Don’t like your job? QUIT! (well find a new one first, maybe.) Do not get stuck going to a job everyday that you hate. I don’t care if you are a part-time worker with no skills. Dunkin Donuts was not going to get me far in my goal to go into dermatology at the time. I love skin care. I applied to every receptionist job involving spa or skin I could; now I am blessed with actually being EXCITED to go to work in that field.
  12. Workout. Eat healthy. You know how tired and gross you feel not eating right Jaclyn. Good job signing up for workout world.
  13. Relationships take work. They are mutual. Never go to bed upset or mad. Always work it out on the spot. You really do fall in love when you least expect it and it is so much fun.
  14. Shopping. I got SO much better with my stress / impulse buying. No longer am I standing in my closet questioning why the hell I spent money on that; even if it was on sale. I know my style now and how to pair down what I actually wear! (thanks again to Pinterest)
  15. Studying. Only study in the library or a coffee shop. Basically anywhere away from my comfy bed that will entice me to take a two-hour nap and eat ice cream instead of looking at microbiology notes.
  16. If you do not ask, you will not receive. It is inevitable. If you need help, ask for it. If you want someone to write you a letter of recommendation, ask for it. If you want your boyfriend’s last french fry, ask for it. Being afraid to ask will ensure you do not get what it is you want in life. When I was little I was asked by a family friend at their house if I wanted a snack. I saw some type of sugary unhealthy snack my mom usually never bought. I was too afraid to ask but she saw me eyeing it. She said “well if you don’t ask for it, you’re never going to get it!” and plopped it into my hand. Since then I have applied that to not only sugary snacks; but life as well.
  17. Live in the moment. But take lots of pictures for memories – just don’t spend time editing them for Instagram while your still enjoying said moment. There will be time for that later.
  18. You are where you are for a reason! I truly believe everything happens for a reason and if you think you are stuck in a hole, well, you are supposed to be. You will learn how to dig yourself out and guess what? that skill will carry on with you down the road for future times.
  19. My sister makes me laugh doing the exact things she did that used to make me mad. Her climbing into my bed to laugh about something or complain about something is entertaining now. When I was 13, not so much.
  20. Your parents actually do have super great advice. They know you the best. You don’t have to take all of it, but at least consider it.
  21. Give up on being perfect. Because no one is. And they never will be. Embrace being awkward and embarrassing sometimes. Embrace being brave enough to start a blog and write this post.



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