3 Beauty Uses for Vaseline 

Throughout my college experience I have found a lot of uses for one thing. Vaseline / petroleum jelly is one of those things! Today I will go over three ways I use Vaseline the most. This is only hitting the surface, of course. Vaseline has so many beneficial purposes. If requested, I can totally do a follow-up post on some more!

For now, I hope you enjoy this post and get some new ideas on how to use it!

LASHES! At least once a week I will put some Vaseline onto my clean lashes and lashline. This helps to moisturize the eyelashes. I wear mascara almost daily so this is very helpful for me! I’ve also noticed some growth and thickness coming through. My bottom lashes really need this and I see a difference when they are smeared with Vaseline overnight. *Bonus Tip: you can use it to remove false lash glue on the lids too*

PERFUME! This tip really changed my life! You’ve probably heard of this one before and if you have I hope you try it out! Put some Vaseline on the clean area of skin before you spritz your perfume on it for it to last twice as long! I find my perfume or body spray lingers more if I do this on my wrists and sides of my neck. You only need a very thin layer so it won’t feel gross or sticky on your skin!

LIPS! You can DIY your own lip scrub for exfoliating! This step is crucial before I apply lipstick or liquid lipstick especially! My recipe for this is a little bit of honey, sugar and Vaseline mixed! You can buy small travel size containers at Target or the Dollar Tree to store excess product so that you can use it over and over. If you want to get inventive; add a couple drops of the food coloring of your choice to make it look pretty!

I would love to know other people’s uses for Vaseline as well! Comment on this post so we can all learn more!


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*Online Images Sourced: http://www.vaseline.us

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