My Note-Taking Process | #CollegeHustle

I’ve been a student for the last 15 years of my life. I haven’t always been on top of the note taking game, but in the last few years I have stepped it up! I’ve developed the perfect note taking system for myself! Today I want to show you what works for me in terms of sitting in hours long lectures, taking notes and being able to study off of them for the future! My little routine is what has helped me boost my grades up a ton and they are simple enough for anyone to do!

I’ll be using my microbiology binder for this semester to showcase my methods.

While I’m in lecture I don’t want to worry about making my notes neat. I try my best to write down every important thing my professor talks about, so my notes end up looking like the piece of white paper on right to start off with. I highly suggest starting out with regular non-lined computer paper. This helps me not care so much about organization and neatness and more about the material I’m writing.

When I get home I sit down and make my notes pretty and organized! I love this part the most because I’m a big decorator so I use this time to really make things stand out. Not only will my notes be pretty for future uses, but “rewriting” my messy notes makes the information stick better in my head. I’m all about repetition so this is a great study method.

These are some pages from my lectures. As you can see, I Highlight vocabulary words with definitions, and give color to titles and subtitles. Any time I get the chance to draw out something I do! It helps better visualize the lesson. I will take full advantage of bullets and arrows and little doodles as much as I can.

I use these Staedtler color pens and Zebra pastel highlighters. These are my absolute favorites and essential to every day school use for me!

I guarantee, transferring your notes to clean lined paper will help so much with your note taking! Class can be very boring and tedious but this method has helped me immensely! Let me know if any of this helps!
I will be doing a binder set up post in the future so follow me for updates!


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