Adding Lashes To Everyday

I am usually not one to wear false lashes on a daily basis, or much outside of a special occasion to be honest! Lately I have been wanting to incorporate some natural falsies into my looks. I did this makeup with a soft blended shadow and a fall lip to try something a little different with my normal routine.

That’s the beauty of makeup, you wash it off each night and get to be creative again the next day! 

These lashes were a dollar from Elf cosmetics! So cheap. I have tried Ardell Demi Whispies and a couple more of their natural line and loved those as well! Here is a glimpse into the final look.

They are not over the top but it gives the look a little bit more glam for the day!

Trying out fun little things outside of your comfort zone is so refreshing! Try adding some flashes to your everyday look for a boost of excitement!


Hustle & Highlight


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