My College Binder Set-Up | 2016

I’m back for my school binder set-up! If you have not already read my note-taking method post, I highly suggest you give that a read before or after this one! This part is fun and you can get as creative as you want. Make it fun!

I got these binders at target for a few bucks – they are just plain white but have the clear front you can put paper inside. I also made the dividers out of scrapbook paper and “laminated” them with thick tape. I will be using my microbiology binder to demonstrate. Of course every class is different and may need extra or less things than mine. I got this general organization method to fit any class and any professor style teaching. It’s all about how you learn.

The floral pattern paper is just scrapbook paper with an adhesive label on it, and slipped into the front clear pocket.

This is the first page you see when opening the front cover. I always put my syllabus first because I reference it a lot throughout the week. The left binder pocket are papers that were passed out to me with extra information and I store them there if I need them. I like to check off the classes / assignments we have gone through to keep track of our days and lessons. If you need to make a key for yourself you are free to do so. Mine is to label which chapters are for which quizzes regarding my micro lab.

Here is a picture of the tabs I have made for this class. Like I said you can totally rearrange, add, or take away from these labels. The beauty of this method is that it is all customizable. The first “finished” tab is material that I already studied or papers I already did. Our final exam is cumulative, so it’s crucial I make study guides for every quiz and then keep them for the future. See below for each tab meaning.

Important Dates! These are printable calendars I get offline or design quickly myself. I use these to let me know what days I have things due, tests, labs, etc. you can put whatever you want relative to the class here. It reminds me of dates and they aren’t just in my planner (filled with other random life events around it.)

NOTES! of course, this section is where I take notes. Feel free to view my notes and tips in the post I linked above 🙂

After that I have “Graded.” It’s exactly how it sounds, things that I have gotten back graded. Again, this will help me when it comes time for my cumulative exam.

In the very back I put a clear binder pencil pouch from the Dollar Tree. I usually keep page tabs, Post Its, or any little extras I may need in class.

Last but not least, the back pocket of the binder holds blank computer paper. This is where I hold the paper I use for messy writing notes in lectures. *once again, reference note-taking post*

I hope this post helps all my fellow students out there! You can adapt this to any which way you want – as long as it’s effective for you! It may seem tedious but in my opinion, if you set this up before the semester – you’ll be on your way to getting A’s! Organization is so important.




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