College Students Need These Apps | 2016

My favorite tool for learning in school has to be my iPad mini. It’s travel friendly and small enough to place on my desk during class. The best decision I made was buying one to use strictly for school. These apps that I use are absolutely amazing! The technology world is so diverse at this point in time, we are so grateful to have the tools our parents / grandparents weren’t able to have. I’m personally one for writing out by hand, but there are even apps out there for note taking. You could virtually find a solution to every college related question out there on the web.

I hope you enjoy this post and try out these useful apps for yourself!

Pinterest. Yes you can use this for way more than inspiration for your outfit tomorrow. From  getting motivated by student’s neat and organized handwritten notes, quotes to remind you to keep going, to diving into the best way to solve a certain math equation – Pinterest has got your back. My college board is filled with school hacks, resume tips and even cute free printables! It’s totally a priority a have. -Free App-

Yes Amazon! You can find anything from books and pen sets, to headphones and laptops – Amazon will let you buy the resources you need for inside the class as well as outside of it. -Free App-

I use YouTube ALL of the time for school related purposes. I got a lot of use out of anatomy videos and tips on how to memorize certain math theories. Just type in what subject you’re having difficulty with and I guarantee someone has made a video explaining it! -Free App-

Study blue is an app I have been using since high school. This allows you to create virtual flash cards that you can study off of! Not only that but it quizzes you, and can put the ones you got wrong in a “pile” so you can go back over those specific ones again! On top of all that you can share your deck with your classmates – or look at other people’s cards on the app for that subject, and study off of theirs! It’s incredible how much making flash cards and using repetition can affect how well you learn! -Free App-

Super note! This one costs a dollar or two but it is so worth it. Super note allows you to record your class lectures. There is also a notebook type setting where you can type your notes in. Recording a long lecture can really save you if you tend to zone out during those tedious hours of talking! Find it in the App Store!

There you have it! My recommendations for an awesome iPhone / iPad when school is in session. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!




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