Essence Makeup Favorites

Recently I have been trying a lot of Essence makeup. I love that they are super affordable and very good quality. Essence is also cruelty free! Today I’ll be giving you a run down of the products I’ve tried and loved from them.

Essence Lipsticks

I love these lipsticks! So creamy with such pretty colors. You can’t beat $3

Eye shadow Primer

I’ve been using this eye lid Primer for a few weeks now and I have to say, it works very well. For only $3.49 your shadows will be more vibrant and last longer with this as your base!

Under Eye Concealer

This pinky Concealer color is great for those days you didn’t get much sleep. The creamyness works perfectly for disguising those dark circles. I love it under my Brightening Concealers to give me that “awake” look – for only $3


I love these eyeshadows! For a palette that’s only $5.49 the colors are pigmented and easy to blend! I hope to try out the other shades they have but I’m loving these “Rose” looks.
All of these can be found at Ulta. Leave me a comment with your favorites! I’d love to try some more products out!


Hustle and Highlight 

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