My Favorite Too Faced Products

Too Faced is definitely one of my all time favorite makeup brands. They highly endorse and practice cruelty free cosmetics, have amazing quality products, and their mascot clover is the cutest pup ever! As much as the products are great, I really value the company / owner’s mentality and creativity. I’m going to just hit the surface of a few of my favorite things from Too Faced that are my tried and true; holy grail products!

Better Than Sex Mascara

I’m absolutely obsessed with this mascara. It’s clumpy but not spider lashes clumpy – just the right formula for big voluminous lashes!! This is one of my all time favorites

Original Chocolate Bar Palette

I could easily say “it smells exactly like chocolate” and leave it at that; but I need to talk about how amazing these colors are. Easy to blend, and classic shades I can always go to. One of my all time favorite palettes! I think it is a must have in your makeup collection.

Shadow Insurance Primer

I have loved this eye shadow primer since the first day I got it. It has been my favorite Primer for years now. This will help your shadows stay all day, as well prevent them from creasing and make their true colors show!

Love Flush Blush

This is one of the newer Too Faced items to me but I’m so glad I finally broke down and bought it! I have so many affordable blushes I love that I couldn’t justify buying this higher end one. I totally do not regret this purchase. The color is amazingly pigmented and just goes with any of my eye shadow looks. Five Stars for sure!

Melted Liquid Lipstick

These melted liquid lipsticks are so pigmented! I find the colors and consistency to be absolutely flawless! For $21 I think you get a lot of product in the tube and its lasting power through out the day is incredible.
I hope you try out some of my favorites! Let me know what to try next please!


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