My College Morning Routine

I’m very excited for this post because it involves me talking about one of my favorite things – my morning routine! Starting my mornings off right is very important to me. Your mornings are what starts off your day and gets you prepared for what lies ahead! Today I’m going to discuss what my mornings consist of – to hopefully give you ideas and inspiration!
I love that in college you have a little more time in the morning than high school. I like to take full advantage of this!

If I were to push any tip for your mornings I would say to incorporate positive affirmations. This might sound cheesy but don’t knock it till you try it. Wake up everyday and think/say something positive to yourself. Whether it’s you’re grateful for being in top health or you just want to tell yourself how beautiful you are. Your first thoughts really do mean a lot. If you wake up and go on social media and see a fight over twitter or an over-opinionated facebooker; that bad mood could carry throughout the day. The point is to not let it.
After a positive thought or two, I get out of bed and head down the stairs to the coffee pot! I totally need a beverage like hot coffee or tea to perk me up. While the coffee is brewing I head to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face, IN THAT ORDER! Cleansing your face in the morning is so beneficial, but after brushing it assures you cleaned any toothpaste residue from around your mouth. Believe it or not, toothpaste can be pore clogging. If you have ever gotten small pimples around your lips or mouth, the culprit could be your toothpaste.
After I’m all prepped it’s time to go to the comfort of my room with my coffee and any quick breakfast I made. I head right to my desk where I do my makeup and hair. I always have my YouTube videos propped up on my iPad mini to watch while I eat and get ready. This is so therapeutic. It feels like I can take my time and enjoy my YouTube while still getting ready for the day. This is definitely my favorite part!
After my makeup and hair are done; I simply get dressed and pack my bag.
An essential to my morning is double checking my purse and that I have everything I need for the day! Especially on school days, I can’t run home for anything. I highly recommended to get prepared and not just get ready and zoom out the door. At least for me, the chances of forgetting something are pretty high.

Thank you for reading my morning routine! It’s super important to get your day started on the right track!

If you have any helpful tips for the A.M, leave them in the comments for us!

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