My Purse Essentials

If it’s one thing us girls need on a daily basis, it’s our purse! I carry a bag every single day because I feel like my whole life is inside of it. today I will be showing you what I carry on a daily basis; and never take out. This is Part one because inside of my bag, I carry a little “emergency”  bag. This small pouch has absolute essentials that I will bring with me no matter what bag is coming with me. All of the products I’m about to post are in the large opening of my bag. I will link what I can below, if you like my specific items!

Continue reading if you want some inspiration on what to throw into your bag, as well! I love reading these type of posts; I think we all have a little bit of “nosiness” in our girl minds for what other ladies carry!


My planner is a complete essential I need! I rely on this thing for my appointments, lists, homework, and so much more. Mine is the Erin Condren LifePlanner and I love it!



Obviously, you need your wallet! Money, coupons and change galore. I’m obsessed with this brown leather Vera Bradley wallet. It is a neutral color that goes with anything, but has tons of room for what I need. Bonus; I love the attached wristlet.


3.) MY KEYS!

To drive my car with! The silver tassel is from a Marshalls, I believe.



Because I have had long work / school days and unexpected invites for drinks, out with friends! It’s nice to have a little spritz of body spray to refresh. (Linked- gift set)



Bath and body hand lotions never fails me. Especially since the dry  winter weather is approaching. (Linked- full size version)



Chapstick and gloss is a must! Not only do I always have these two in my purse, but whatever lipstick I am wearing that day. Constant food/ drink and talking leads to necessary touch ups.

7.) PENS!

I need my writing utensils! As a college student and a planner, colors and black pens have to be in my bag.


8.) A BOOK!

I love having a book in my purse. If I’m ever waiting at an appointment or just need to give my brain a break from school, I always have something to read. Usually I have some sort of self-development book on hand.



How cute is this bag from Marshall’s? I keep all of my emergency touch up face powder, bandaids, iburpofen, phone charger, all of the good stuff we need on our bag!




Love these cute sunnies. Very much-needed! I can’t be having the sun in my eyes while driving! Very much a necessity.


I hope you gained some information for your bags! Let me know what you carry.


Hustle & Highlight


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