Milani Lipstick Love

My favorite drugstore lipsticks: MILANI! Today I’m going to share my quick post on three pretty shades. These lipsticks are around $5 and they super creamy!

I am a sucker for gold packaging! its great quality and looks amazing when put on your vanity for decor. Personally, I super appreciate when brands put the lipstick color on the packing – this makes it very easy to grab what shade you’re looking for. I get these lovely lippies at my local CVS. Not only are they affordable but very accessible for anyone.

From top to bottom: “20 uptown mauve” ,”43 pretty natural” and “26 nude creme”

There are so many shades to choose from! From matte to glossy you will be able to find the shade for you.

I would love to do more Milani posts in the future! It’s a great (cruelty free) brand!!


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