Kripalu R+R Retreat | 2016

I am so excited to be on a weekend trip at Kripalu rest and relation “resort” center. This wellness center is located in Stockbridge Massachusetts. The location is absolutely stunning with amazing views. There are relaxation programs, massage and facial services, meditation programs. They want you completely off the grid so there is only wifi in one area of the whole building. I have always wanted to do something like this!

For all the yoga and health lovers – this place is for you!

As a stressed out college student that is always running around, this weekend was much needed.

People come from all over to experience Kripalu. They’re are so many experiences they offer for health, self-discovery, wellbeing, and much more. I’m here for some meditative R&R

I hope you enjoy sneaking a peak at Kripalu!

The food is amazing! All gluten-free and SUPER nutritious. Every morning there is a “silent breakfast” – and it’s strictly enforced! We are to enjoy and savor every minute and every bite of our meals. It was so refreshing. Their tea and lemon water was just unbelievably good.

Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, and so much more! This place is just the epitome of relaxation.

The Berkshires in Massachusetts are just stunning. The air quality is so much better up here!

The building used to be a monestary – founded by a monk named Swami Kripalu

I didn’t wear makeup all weekend – and it’s so invigorating letting your skin just breath!

How beautiful is this place?!

I hope everyone gets to experience this kind of program at some point in their lives. I am walking away with so much information about the body, mind, and spirit.

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