Colourpop Lip Collection & Review 

I have become completely obsessed with Colourpop this year! Once I placed my first order of lippies, I fell in love. After placing a few orders, I even branched out into their face and eye products! I love how different their products are from other companies. I very much appreciate their cruelty free values as well!!

Today I’ll be showing off which lip colors I currently own from Colourpop; so you can see for yourself just how awesome they are! By no means will this be the last you hear from me and Colourpop reviews! lol

I have a few lippie stix but most are the liquid Matte types.

{Top -> Bottom: Ellarie, Cami, LBB, Frick n Frack, Alyssa, Love Bug, Lumiere 2, Teeny Tiny}

As you see, the pigment is so beautiful. These wear amazingly. They don’t dry out my lips as much as other liquid lips do either! These babies last so long throughout the day! Here is a picture of the dried swatches from the liquid lips being removed from my arm with a makeup wipe! This definitely passed the long west test.

All in all, I am totally obsessed! They look great swatched but even better on the lips!

Check out more options and colors at

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know your favorite Colourpop products in the comments.


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