The Importance of Taking Yourself Out on Dates 

Hello everyone!

The post today is centering around well-being.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself was to go on “dates” by myself. I occasionally go to a casual cafe or restaurant and order a drink and yummy food. This is basically the only time I have for myself throughout the day to get work done and or relax!

My life as a student with a job and social life can be very hectic at most times. It’s during a lunch break before class or something I have planned, that I can really just take a breather. 90% of the time I will be making my to-do list or going through what needs to be done for homework, etc.

It wasn’t until the other day that I sat down in a restaurant and told myself I’m just going to read my book. I NEVER have time to read for pleasure! I usually listen to audio books while I drive (which are amazing, don’t get me wrong) but it was something about just reading for no reason but my own choice that made me feel so at peace.

This is why I urge everyone to take a break and take yourself out on a date! Get your favorite meal / drink. Do work and get productive or just sit and read something you’ve been wanting to read.

I dislike the stigma that going out alone will make you look lonely or something. When I have that rare time I get to just go out for myself I will take that opportunity in a heart beat!

This routine doesn’t have to be every day or every week – but when you feel like you need a pick me up that will strengthen your well-being – I think this could help!

Overall, I hope you all try it out. It has made such a difference for me this year that I started doing it. Make it a New Years goal to start taking yourself out on dates sometimes. I think you all will be pretty amazed at how refreshed you feel after!


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