Blissoma Skincare Mask Review

One of my all time favorite skincare products is here to be featured in today’s post! My love for face masks are beyond words. I wish I knew more about this brand earlier, which is why I am bringing you this information today!

Blissoma is a holistic skin care brand that is certified cruelty free / vegan and has all natural ingredients! They are also gluten free which I know is a huge deal for a lot of people! I really appreciate that you can shop online by selecting your skin type.

Refine is one the masks that Blissoma offers. It’s made with amazing ingredients and has a grainy texture to it, which is awesome for exfoliation. 

I like the smell of this mask as well. It dries within 10-15 minutes on my skin. Leaving it on my skin feels so refreshing, but when it comes off is the best part. My skin automatically feels softer and smoother than ever! It is instantly detoxified thanks to its celery juice enzymes and other herb extracts. The fact that it is a certified organic product for oily skin makes me feel so much better knowing it will not clog my pores.

I highly recommend this product for congested, dull and acne prone skin! It has helped my skin texture and appearance immensely. 
Leave some mask recommendations you love in the comments!


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