Maintaining Your Self-Care Routine

Here on my blog I want to really portray inner beauty being priority to outer beauty. Makeup is so much fun and very expressive, but that the end of the day it comes off your face. I want women & men to be able to flaunt their look and realize we all have flaws that are apart of who we are.

I learned a lot about the importance of self-care in the past few days. We all get so busy with our everyday routines in life, we forget to step back & understand we need to take care of ourselves.

Today I want to write a few things you can do every week to recharge.

I think everyone needs one day off – no matter what day of the week; to rejuvenate and do a self-care routine. I know it’s very difficult.. we all lead hectic lives. But even half a day putting these to the test can REALLY make a difference!

For me, I have Sundays off. I take this time to really relax and get my thoughts in order. Here are suggestions of what I do to keep up with self-care. I don’t do every single one in one day but I do try to do what I can.

  1. Clean up your space. Having a tidied up clean area can put you in a great mood to start with. I usually wash my makeup brushes, make my bed, vacuum, etc… Little tasks will not only enhance your mood, but make you feel productive while doing it!
  2. Meditate. Meditation is so amazing. Just sitting or laying down for even 5 minutes can really brighten your day. There are YouTube videos, apps, cds, and much more to guide you through it. I try for at least 20 minutes to meditate whenever I can. To free the mind for a bit is such a revival.
  3. Lengthy shower routines. Sundays are for pulling out all the stops for me. I take a hot shower complete with using my body scrubs, nice hair products and body oils. A literal take on self-care is so great for the mind and body. usually I feel in a hurry during showers (get in- get out) but I love getting everything out to get clean relaxed.
  4. Massage / facial. Massage and facial services can be pricey – but finding a good price and treating yourself every so often is very beneficial. Do not think of these services as “pampering” but more as essential to you. Massage releases muscle tension you may never even know you had. Caring for the skin with facials is so important. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and protects us! Treat your body right.
  5. Splurge on a yummy snack. Cheat day if you will! Go get your favorite little desert / food item and don’t feel guilty about enjoying it! Cheesecake Factory Godiva cheesecake, please!

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Most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF – inside and out ✨


4 thoughts on “Maintaining Your Self-Care Routine

  1. Loved reading this post. I agree with you that makeup is fun and expensive too but at the end of the day all we need is confidence to embrace our inner beauty . great post

    Will be really glad if you could check out my recent blog post. Thank you so much

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  2. I love everything on your list! In terms of the massage/facials if you’re ever strapped for cash you can always treat yourself to a hand massage (great for bloggers who do a lot of typing/writing!) or one of the cheaper face masks at home. It’s a similar relaxing effect for less!

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