Little Ways to Feel Instant Happiness

Welcome to another Wellbeing Wednesday!

Today’s post is about the small things we can do to boost our happiness anytime we need it. I use these methods when I am anything from stressed out to just waking up in the morning & want to start my day right. Please feel free to leave your suggestions and methods on how to boost happiness instantly. 💕

  1. Aromatherapy! I have recently found Plant Therapy essential oil brand and have been totally obsessed! Aromatherapy is an aid in stress relief for me and many people I know. Get yourself a diffuser or just put some drops on your pillow / wrists. the happiness and surge of relief with certain scents can be oh so calming.
  2. Talk to a bestfriend, significant other, or close family member. If you have stresses or worries – find a close person in your life that’ll let you vent to them. Just talking and not letting your emotions build up can have an enormous happiness effect. Even if you aren’t in that predicament, have a lunch or coffee date with said important person.. it’ll make you feel loved and happy!
  3. Clean! Make a list, organize, tidy up. Making the space around you spotless can really set you up for a great day in the beginning or a peaceful rest at night. This method will make you feel motivated / productive – and I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be happy with that feeling!
  4. Disconnect. Read a book or watch your favorite show. I know it sounds easy to do but this little thing in our lives can help us feel entertained and enthused about what we are doing.

Overall, feel relaxed and at ease with your life. After all, your wellbeing affects how you make decisions for it!



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