Wellbeing Wednesday: Planning Your Day

As you may or may not know; I am a planner addict. I love making lists, using post-it notes, and having my day mentally and or written planned out.

For many, this may seem like an overwhelming task – to take a few moments each day and prepare for what’s ahead. Of course, some days we might have to trash out to-do list for the day if something else out of our control comes up. I feel like list making / planning can help us stay a bit sane throughout the day.

Having my planner on me at all times has become like a security blanket. It has my appointments in it and if I ever have to unclog my mind with the endless things I have to do – I can easily write it down.

I advise in the morning to wake up and before or after getting ready for the day – check your planner. Do you have appointments? Due dates? Things you might have forgotten? Step 1 is writing it down!

It’s a little meditation just taking some quiet time to reflect on the day and set your mood. Part of planning your day is deciding what kind of day it’ll be. If you spill your coffee or get a stain on your shirt you might be tempted to make the day a bad one. Stay focused on keeping a positive mind set in the morning and your day will reflect that.

I like the 50/10 rule. This states you work on an important task(s) for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Set a timer on your phone while your at your desk or a coffee shop, etc.. once you get to your 10 minute break you can go on social media, read blogs, sit in silence, whatever makes you feel at ease.

Of course working out among other things would be a fabulous addition to your morning routine. Starting the day with exercise and endorphins can really improve the quality of not only your health, but the hours that lie ahead.

I hope you find some motivation to start the new year off right! Get productive and start planning 💕


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