Wellbeing Wednesday: My Favorite Books

Hi Everyone!

I’m quite excited about this post today. I’ll be discussing my current favorite reads to help with your well being journey!

I either read these by a physical book or listened to them on audible; one thing is the same though and that is all of these made me a better person.

Although I have plenty on my list for further books, I really hope everyone can get a chance to check these out.

1.) You Are A Badass by Jen 

Jen Sincero is one of – if not – the absolute best authors I’ve listened to narrate. She really was able to get her message across better than if someone else were to read her words. She keeps you interested the whole way through. This book really helped me with my self-doubt and confidence. She teaches you that being Badass can come as easily as just starting to believe and trust in yourself! It’s a must read.

2.) Spark Joy Marie KondoSpark Joy is the sister book to The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Marie Kondo is so brilliant in her tips to help tidy your life. I love the motto “Spark Joy” because it focuses on only keeping then things that you absolutely love and spark joy!

3.) Guided Meditation by Mindfulness TrainingThis isn’t the traditional book – it’s 32 minutes of a soothing voice guiding you towards relaxation and mindfulness. I love listening to this before I go to sleep or if I’m stressed out. It’s awesome – especially if you’re just starting to mediate.

4.) Living Well, Spending Less
 by Ruth Soukup
I got a lot of advice from Ruth’s book. Her reallness really struck a spot in my mind and I really thought “wow I experience that too.” impulse shopping is a thing of the past for me thanks to this book.

5.) The More of Less by Joshua Becker This book is so helpful with decluttering tips and it motivated me to really have less. Again I have to mention that I love when the author reads their own work on audible. Joshua Becker is a great writer and I highly suggest to give this a go.

I would love suggestions and recommendations for more books like these! Please feel free to comment 🙂


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