My Favorite Beauty Hacks

Hello All!

Today’s post will be centered around beauty tips and tricks to make your life easy and helpful.

I will be listing some hacks I do on a daily basis that I highly recommend you try at home!


  1. Storing your makeup remover wipes upside downFor the longest time I was waiting until I got to about the 20th makeup wipe before I really got the “juiciness” of the product I needed to take off my makeup. Keeping your package of wipes flipped upside from where you would open it, makes a WORLD of a difference! This way, the product gets distributed throughout the whole pack, including the top 🙂
  2. Cutting your beauty sponges in half for more life                                     This hack has saved me a lot of money so far! Product tends to build up in sponges and can harbor bacteria in the long run. Although I always wash my beauty sponges, there comes a time where it just gets too dirty. My hack is to get you more time! Cut it in half and use the inside; it’s a whole new product !
  3. DIY Body Scrubcoconut oil, brown sugar and coffee grinds. I’m so in love with this scrub! Most body polishes like this can have high costs, but I made mine for around $7 and I get triple the product. The coffee grinds have helped with stretch marks and discoloration around those areas. Brown sugar and coconut oil have been amazing for exfoliating my dry skin from these past winter months. Feel free to add other oils like olive, almond, or avocado! Knowing the exact ingredients in my scrub is also a plus.
  4. Big Curled Lashesok so this one is a little dangerous and one I use for special occasions. I take the warm setting on my blow dryer for a few seconds to my regular lash curler for added volume. Like a heated curling iron, it curls your lashes. BE CAREFUL THOUGH! This hack holds my lashes ALL day. I really love my lashes’ length already but they always fall throughout the day and this hack has been amazing. Chances are you already have these two things so it’s a free little extra.
  5. No more hair static!I’ve used this hack for a while now and I love it. You may have heard of putting a dryer sheet onto your hairbrush and brush your hair through like normal. Not only will this take away the static cling,  but release the scent the sheet has on it, into your strands! I do this one occasionally because the sheets are waxy and doing it everyday may cause build-up.

Comment some others you use to inspire others! 💕



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