Motives Cosmetics Dynasty Palette 

Hi all! 

I’m loving the basis of the review today.

Motives Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands of all time. I know I have mentioned them several times. I am a certified Motives MUA for a reason after all!

Their “Dynasty” eyeshadow palette were created by their “motives mavens” and I’m completely in love.

The colors are colors are incredible. 5 Matte, 5 shimmer / frosty shades. Not only the colors, but the blendability is so great. The pigment isn’t chalky and messy like I know a lot of highly pigmented shadows can be.

This palette retails for $39.95, but with a motive account you can get cash back!

I truly feel like a glam goddess when I wear this! These swatches were so easy to do and look at that pay off

Give it a try yourself and see! Experience the wonders of motives and I promise your makeup game will forever change 💜


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