Love Yourself First

This is a very important post for me to write. Besides makeup, my other sole purpose on here is to bring a little enlightenment to you in any form I can.

I want to stress the cliché “love yourself before anything else.”

It is so important to not only take care of yourself mind and body, but love it as well. Tweak the things you may feel self-conscious about if you want, but do not let others influence you to do so. Not bully’s, friends, parents, etc.. nobody but YOU is responsible for how you think of yourself. you were created the way you are for a reason, but we all have the little things. For example, I might have been born with the oily skin I have now, but I do not have to let it cause breakouts that I would feel self-conscious about having. I keep up with my skin care routine and it is important to me to maintain it.

Absolutely everyone has at LEAST one thing about them that makes them so extremely special. Your talents are why you are on this earth.

I want you all to do a little challenge:

Write down five things you love about yourself!

No matter what is is. Physically, spiritually, talent-wise, anything.

You can totally go further than 5 but start off with this amount.

Write them in your phone or a sticky note – somewhere you’ll see it. Whenever you are in doubt of yourself look back and remind yourself.

Mine would have to be:

  1. My passion for doing makeup
  2. My ability to learn / pick things up fast
  3. My skin!
  4. My motivation
  5. My teeth

Write yours in the comments for inspiring others!


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