My Kate Spade Planner Set-Up | HUSTLE WITH ME

Hello Hustle and Highlight Readers!

The College student side of me is back in full force with the start of the semester and all new classes.

If you didn’t know, I am a planner addict. Planning and decorating my week / months are actually therapeutic for me. I truly  couldn’t live without mine! My memory would never hold all the things it has to do throughout the day lol.

This post is a set-up of my new Kate Spade planner. I’m not usually used to writing small and compact but needed those qualities while I have heavy books and binders through out school days. This planner was on super sale in the Kate Spade outlet near me so I jumped at the opportunity!

I’ve been using this for around a month maybe less – just to get used to it if I would like this type of planner. Since planning is important to me I had to be able to love what I’m carrying around.

So far it has gone pretty well! Updates will be provided in the future.

If these attributes sound like something you need, take a look for yourself in my video on what the planner is like. If you’re thinking of getting a planner like this or just starting to divulge in it completely; then this video is for you!

I hope you enjoy the information and I will be back with more “hustle” type videos 😊



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