Why You Should Use Body Oil Instead of Body Lotion

Hello Everyone!

This post is super exciting because I’ll be discussing a topic I am pretty recently getting into. A couple of months ago I attended a yoga retreat weekend at Kripalu in Massachusetts. This place was amazing. I got to go to a class where the speaker spoke about health. We started talking about oils and how we should all moisturize our bodies with natural oils instead of chemical filled lotions we get in stores. 

Something she said stood out to me that I have incorporated into my routine since. She said to never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth. Her basis for this meant that the things we put on our skin will seep through and go into our bodies. Obviously, us as humans can already consume coconut, oil, avocado and almond oils for example. These are the oils that we should be incorporating into our skin care.

Personally, my favorite eye makeup remover is jojoba Oil. It doesn’t clog my pores because this Oil is already similar to my face’s natural oils.

I love this Oil chart I found on Pinterest from an article posted by “The WhOot”

There are so many oils or there that I wanted to share how many benefits this natural product can be. Organic and unrefined is the best type!

Use for countless situations. Have Dry hands? Need cuticle oil? Is your scalp dry? I could go on and on!

I hope you get a little information out of today’s post!


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