What’s in My Bag? | winter /college edition

Hello, All

I can’t wait to show you what I carry in my purse during the school semester.

In the past few months I’ve abandoned my backpack (that I still love) and started solely relying on a tote bag

Since I carry a ton of things and want to leave space just in case more needs to be popped in – I went with a big tote from Kate Spade. I’m not sure of the exact name but here is a picture – I think it’s so cute!!

The black and white go with any outfit I’m wearing and the bag itself is super great quality.
Starting off, I have my wallet of course! This silver / grey wallet is Michael Kors and it’s exactly what I love and needed in a wallet. It’s roomy inside but I really like having a wristlet feature in case I just need to quickly run into a store; and don’t need to bring my whole bag.

Since this is my “spring” semester – it’s still sometimes cold here in crazy New England, which means winter gear is a must. Both the warm headband and gloves are from Target. Needless to say, these have saved me walking even from the parking lot of my school, into the building when it snows.

College – where I take extreme pride in my note taking skills. My absolute favorite colored pens and Highlighters are these beauties! Staedler pens and Zebra Highlighters. You will always find these in my bag during the course of the school months!

To go along with that, regular pens and pencils. Papermate ink gel 0.5 – I have a ton in black and a recent purchase of a pink one! 

These pencils are also amazing – I can only use mechanical since you don’t have to manually sharpen them (which I rarely use pencils anyway.) These in particular are the Paper Mate® #2 Mechanical Pencils.

Always always keep a body spray and hand lotion! I have “scandalous” by Victoria’s Secret and “endless weekend” from bath and body at the moment. I love to refresh with a body spritz throughout the day; especially if I’m going out at night right after work / school. The lotion has saved my hands in the dry months!

Who could forget my planner! This Kate Spade Planner is my love at the moment. I keep track of my whole life with this thing! Including homework and exam dates. Here is the link to how I set it up!

My iPad is essential when I go to class! It contains helpful apps and even my textbooks as “ebooks.” My case is of course, Kate Spade. The popsicles remind me of warm summer days so I love it during these cold months.

Last but not least – LIPPIES! I always keep a chap stick and lip gloss but my lipstick changes depending on what I’m wearing that day. Either way, these Lano lip products have been a must-have in my bag recently. Lip gloss is in “love struck”

I would love to know what you all carry during the school year! I hope you enjoyed this read 💕✨


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