My Most Used FACE Makeup Brushes!

Hello, Hustle & Highlighters!

Today is all about the brushes I use for my face makeup!

These gems are my current go-to brushes. From foundation to blush to bronzer, you’ll get it allllll.

Morphe MB39

I’ve used this brush probably every day I’ve worn makeup, since I got it. I use this brush for pressed powder and it works amazingly!

ELF Selfie Ready Powder Brush

This brush blends foundation like a dream! Dense enough to distribute makeup all over the face.

ELF Flawless Concealer Brush

I use this concealer brush for highlighting! A great example of using brushes for what you want instead of strictly following the name.

Morphe Pointed Brush

This brush is from the Contour Kit that Morphe sells. Although I love all the brushes in that kit, I use this one everyday for under Eye Concealer.

ELF Angled Blush Brush

This is my favorite brush for blush! It’s dense enough to pack on the color and blend very well.

ELF Mineral Powder Brush

Yes, another ELF Brush! They are sooo inexpensive but this line in black is great quality!! This gem is my top brush I use for bronzing the face! I’ll also use it to blend out a harsh contour.

Morphe Nose Contour Brush

Once again from the Morphe Contour kit. This is an angled brush I use to blend out the cream product I put in small areas of my face.

ELF Contouring Brush

I love this one for blending out cream product as as well! Perfect for contouring – simple as that!

What are your favorite Face brushes / brands?


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