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Hi Everyone ! Thank you for reading 🙂 and for the spike in followers / love I’ve received on this blog lately! 💕

I wanted to discuss important topics I constantly see or hear from people regarding their acne and skin in general.

I should start off by mentioning I am a receptionist at a holistic skin clinic in Providence, Rhode Island. I have been working there for a couple of years now and I have learned SO incredibly much through my coworkers and the clients around me. I thank them for clearing MY acne, and giving me the tools and information to keep it clear; every day.

I am very very acne prone myself. I get it. Even lipstick or lip liner going out of the lip line will cause breakouts around that area… I am not an estheticion nor do I know your specific skin issues, but I do know these are tried and true in my book!

Needless to say I hope you get some inspiration and new outlook on little things you can do to prevent / help acne.

1.) Picking Your Skin.

No picking or popping allowed! Not extracting your comedones the professional way can really hurt you in the long run! There is so much potential in getting bacteria into the popped pimple, especially if you’re using your bare hands! Not only that, but do you want acne marks or scarring? I didn’t think so. That’s a potential too. INSTEAD – give yourself an ice facial ! Yes it’s free, frozen water into an ice-cube lol. Rub an ice cube all over your skin and focus in areas with pimples. Do NOT however, keep it on one spot – constantly move the ice or you will get ice burn. This method is sure to bring down acne inflammation.

2.) Being Impatient.

This kind of goes along with the first one above. Give your skin love and don’t push it. It takes TIME for an acne regime to work. This also goes for slacking on a GOOD skin care because it’s “getting better.” This is treatable but not curable.

3.) Get To Know Ingredients.

Just because your products say “non-comedogenic” doesn’t mean every single one will. Research ingredients in skin care, hair product, and makeup. For example, stay away from anything with shea butter in it. Take it from me, it will trigger acne like nobody’s business. Priia Face Makeup is very good for those of you suffering from severe acne as well. I give credit where credit is due, and this line specifically works with cosmetic products preventing acne. I also usually find pretty good results with face makeup targeted to help clear skin.

4.) DIET

I am no diet expert by any means but if it’s anything at all I have learned from working at the skin clinic, diet has so much to do with  acne. If you’ve ever heard anything regarding your gut and how it has to be functioning correctly, then that info was correct. If you’re experiencing issues like digestive problems, food intolerance or sensitivities and skin problems for example, you COULD have a leaky gut. If the gut is inflamed inside, this could be a big offender of inflammation outside. We like to say that acne is like a fire and our goal is suffer it. A total skin myth is that diet doesn’t affect your skin – because it does! Your whole body has to work together! Skin is your largest organ that protects everything else – show some love.

And to leave you with a famous quote from my very lovely and intelligent boss, Laurie Neronha;

“Make sure to move the product, not your face.”

Use enough product so that you are spreading it evenly over the skin – rubbing and tugging actual skin will indicate you are not using enough product.

There is a ton more information I could give you, but I’ll stop the secrets there for now. I would love to do more of these in the future.

If you would like more information, contact me here or visit http://www.viriditas.skincaretherapy.net for a consult and treatment at the renowned Viriditas Beautiful Skin Therapies and Acne Clinic in the New England Area.


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