My Capsule Wardrobe 

So here it is, my most favorite of things that help me start everyday.


Picking out clothes the night before?  Bigger than that … CAPSULE WARDROBE.

What is a capsule wardrobe you ask? A wardrobe that is quiet literally the spine of your entire clothing collection. This entails neutral, easy to wear and match, and can be worn with any season. These staples will make conquering your day possible.

I am raving about this because it has been so crucial to my getting ready process and has made life a whole lot easier. No more overwhelm or craziness in your closet!

Having a capsule wardrobe will allow you to find and match outfits easier. I usually pick my outfit out the night before and get prepared. I’ve found having this type of wardrobe has even worked great if I fall asleep early and wake up late!

Everyone has different bodies types and ways they like to dress, but I truly believe  this is the best way to shop and live.

I personally have hated clothes shopping for as long as I remember. I thought I had no “style” and had no idea where to even begin if I did. It wasn’t until after making a Pinterest board and pinning outfits I liked, that I realized – I like simple. I was trying to fit into a box that wasn’t for me. I like easy. I’m a makeup girl – low maintenance in everything else (and don’t want to put much effort in like I do my makeup)

First step to the process: declutter and purge the items you never wear, don’t like, need more repairs than what it’s worth, or just don’t feel good in! This starts the journey out fresh. I kept all my basic pieces and kept a “minimalist” in mind. For me personally, I want only the items that will spark joy and that I truly love.

This process is about creating ease and comfort into your life.

Here are my personal faves and essentials that create all this happiness around me.

Classic simple black & white long sleeves
Classic simple black & white short sleeves
Black heels
Nude heels
Thin strap tank tops
Black Leggings
Comfy Sweatshirt
Comfy yoga pants / sweatpants
Simple cardigan (neutral colors)
Neutral color shoes

I also enjoy having simple jewelry that will match with many outfit.

Of course here and there will buy a cute patterned shirt or a dress for an event. For my every day life, buying items like these has made my life SO much easier!

What is your favorite item in your closet?! Feel free to comment 😊


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