My “Word Of The Year” Update | How It Helps Me


This is the word I have chosen for myself this year. This word has honestly changed so much for me and I am glad I was told about this method for a new year. At the start of 2017 I pondered what word would I really need and want to improve upon.

Patience is to accept or tolerate delay or issues without getting upset.

Boy did I need this.

It started off really becoming a problem solver when I would get stuck in insane traffic on my way to school, appointments, etc.. I would realize I am not tolerating delay at all haha. I would take a very deep breath and just say or think “patience.” I concluded that the world will not end if I’m a few minutes late to something. I cannot lift these cars up or shove them aside for me to get through. I can’t change this but I CAN have patience.

This scenario eventually proceeded into life situations when taking tests, waiting for something, things like that.

This simple word helped keep me mindful and in the present moment. With my severe anxiety history this is what I had problems with. I cannot think too much into the future and if I can’t change something right now – all I need is some patience.

With life being a roller coaster at this point, serious motivation was needed.

I’m 22. I am young. I forgot that a lot.. but I am. I have plenty of time to do the things I want.

I now focus on what or who is in front of me.

Thanks to patience.

I hope this can help some of you or inspire you to start a word of your own. It’s not too late to choose!


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