Nude and White Eyeliner Tricks

Hello Hustle & Highlight Readers

Thank you for joining me for another post! I want to share all the white or bare color liner tricks and tips that I use and love. There are so many uses for this one product!

This Motives khol liner in “Angel” is AMAZING!

I hope all you makeup lovers get some inspiration and ideas 🙂

  1. Water Linethis one is most typically used and known in the eyeliner world. The simple trick of putting a creamy white or bare liner on your inner bottom water line will make you look wide awake and bring out those beautiful eyes!Cosmos

  2. Shadow base: no shadow primer? No problem – your white / nude eyeliner can be smudged into the lid and your eyeshadow colors will be so true to pigment and the khol consistency will help the look stay put!

  3. Tear Duct: brighten the inner corners of your eyes! Using the white especially, this will make your eyes appear bigger, awake and ready for your day! I think this tip will look fabulous with the most neutral or Smokey Eye look.

  4. Middle of the Lip: apply your white liner to the middle of your top and bottom lip and blend, add your color of lip liner. Finally, dab on some light colored lipstick and your lips will look plump and flirty!


    {Instagram | YouTube channel | Shop Motives}

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