Expressing Gratitude



The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


Today ‘s read will consist of some ways you can express gratitude in your life. It is very easy for the day to get away from us with the hundreds of things we have to get done. This can really get our brains distracted!
Here are little daily things ways to be thankful.

  1. Say thank you: Basic but effective. Using this manner is the smallest and easiest way to express your appreciation. I make sure 100% of the time I say a simple thank you to anyone that is helping me, from the biggest task to the smallest.
  2. Be there for loved ones: even something as minuscule as sitting next to your friend while they vent emotions can be a great form of gratitude. Show you love these people by being their shoulder to cry on or a good time to go with when they need a break from every day stresses.
  3. Give at least one complement a day. I consider this being gratuitous for sure. Show your kindness to strangers and it could very well make their day. A suggestion of mine is every time I grab a coffee or bagel at Dunkin’ Donuts / other coffee shops, I compliment the barista’s nails, hair, makeup, etc. I’ve worked at Dunkin’ Donuts and some days it can be hard to find customers who care – so being one myself is very important. you really never know how somebody’s day is going, and if they need a little pick up me from a compliment
  4. Express your knowledge of all the amazing things people who serve you do from you. Speaking of customer service; TIP! your waitress. Esthetition, massage therapist. If they can be tipped and you loved your service – show appreciations for them. Even little things like if you spilled some sugar near the coffee station, clean up after yourself.
  5. Care for yourself! Be grateful to yourself! I love to meditate and reflect on how blessed I feel everyday. I will have at least one random moment on a daily basis where I think “wow, I’m so lucky.” Today I got out of a hot shower and thought to myself how extremely fortunate I am to be able to live in a warm house with clean running water – it’s to freezing outside! Realizing your parts in life that you are blessed will make you a great person for others and yourself. Show care towards yourself in basic ways too – cook your favorite meal, do a face mask, etc. you can’t be of any use if you are burnt out!

There are so much more options out there for you! Before this post gets too long – I will stop here for now. I hope you all enjoy these few examples of showing your love and gratitude.

Send the world a message – appreciate – be positive – pay it forward.


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