Makeup Hacks | Volume II

Thank you for reading another post and if you’re new, welcome!

I have done a makeup hacks post on here a while back and wanted to make a follow-up one with new tricks! I love reading these type of blog posts because I am a total lover of learning new things when it comes to beauty. I hope you get some inspiration and try some these helpful hacks out!

  1. No fan brush? No problem. Simply take a bobby pin to a fluffy powder-type brush and pinch it together to get a fan effect! I’ll totally use this hack in a pinch, or if I want a more direct placement of color somewhere on my face
  2. Use tape to create the perfect eyeliner. This one is very common in the beauty community but I swear, something as simple as tape can really help a makeup look out! I definitely used this Hack when I first got into wing liner. It’s great for beginners, if you’re in a rush, or you just want a perfect line; every time!
  3. Another highlight hack! Use a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush for highlight. Makeup brushes can be used in more ways than what they are made to do. I’m a big fan of using a fluffy blending brush to really make the tops of my cheekbones shine!
  4. If you can’t find the right bronzer for your skin tone, try using a darker powder foundation! Just because it’s labeled as a setting Powder doesn’t mean you have to use it all over your face, try finding a powder for darker skin and using it in the hollows of your cheek bones, forehead and temple area for a glowed up look. I love this hack when I’m making up a client and find a setting powder to be a better match then an actual bronzer.

I hope you got some new tricks for your everyday makeup!


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