MY HAIR! How You Can Get Color Perfection!

Alright this is one of my most exciting posts I could blog about. 

For months I’ve been growing out my natural color and got sick of dying it. I also needed it to grow out because I had a bad experience with a haircut somewhere else (never again!) anyway, let’s just say I NEEDED major revamping! Two-toned hair with bad choppy layers were killing me.

Alllllll of that changed today after my first color correction appointment with Liz Paola of Rhode Island’s Paola’s Projects. She is getting me on the right path with my hair finally!!!

You will not believe the transformation she did on me until you see it!!


Liz took her time and gave detail to each strand she colored. Let me tell you I have never had such precision work done for me. This woman is a goddess. She waved my hair perfectly. I can’t wait for my next hair appointment so I can grow out the bad haircut and turn to Liz for a whole new style (that’s actually correct for my hair texture.) She took everything into consideration when picking the color and is leading me on the path to complete transformation.

The secret? BOOK WITH LIZ. She is worth every second of sitting in her beautifully  bright studio. She has made me feel beautiful and confident!!

Thank you Liz !💜💜

Everyone reading this, get to Rhode Island and book with this legendary hair genius (before she fills up!!) 👏🏼




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