Why You Need A Break

Lately, I have been CRAVING a vacation. As I get older I less want to take a “fun” vacation and more want that “relaxing” vacation. Basically, I need a break.

Stress happens to ALL of us: everyone will benefit from a break. I want to talk about the importance of giving yourself some time to decompress. I like having my little routines on a daily basis because it keeps me sane! That said – over time I need to switch it up.

Here are some ways to take a break for yourselves! This will actually help you work better in the long run. Prevent burn out and take these into consideration… and whatever you do – don’t pick up that phone! Leave social media alone for a bit.

This is why you need a break: it will help you function better after it ! Try some of these tips or create a day just be to yourself and reflect.

1.) take a long hot shower. I may have given this as advice in the past but it’s a good one – warm water will release muscle tension and the steam can clear your sinuses. You will leave the shower feeling renewed and clean. I recommend using a minty scrub when doing this one. Eucalyptus is an extremely popular aromatherapy scent for relieving stress 🌿

2.) Guided meditations. I highly suggest finding a video on YouTube or another platform and do a guided mindfulness meditation. Yoga would be awesome too. Just being surrounded in your own space and creating that bubble of positivity can really impact your mood. Picture yourself on a beach during a guided meditation, or somewhere else that is relaxing to you. I enjoy Dr. Robert Puff’s mediations.

3.) sleep! Catch up on some rest. Even if you can’t nap try just laying in your bed and watch an entertaining show / movie. Just the act of letting your body do nothing can give it the break it desperately needs.
If anyone has favorite ways to decompress to prevent burnout pleas leave it in the comments! 


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