APRIL 2017 Highlights

 I’m excited for this months favorites post. I’m throwing in a youtuber for the first time and tried a lot of different makeup products!

Enjoy, try some out for yourself, and let me know what some highlights of your month were! ✨


Motives Black Liquid Liner

intense black pigment and is so easy to use!

WetNWild “precious pearls” highlight 

I’ve had this highlighter for a while now but was using it a ton this month. Everything from the pigment, color, and packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend WetNWild Highlights if you’re on a budget!

Milani “naturally pretty” lipstick 

When applied on the lips, this product has the perfect color for naturally sweet look.

Morphe MB23

I’ve been using this brush a lot lately and definitely needed to add it in this month’s post! I use this Morphe brush for highlighting the tops of my cheekbones and for occasionally blending out eyeshadow. Morphe brushes are inexpensive but super great quality.


Vitamin E Oil

I believe I got this Oil from Sally’s beauty supply, but let me tell you I’ve tested this for a couple months now and April was big for using it most frequently. I use this on my cuticles before I do my nails and also mix it into coconut oil to do a hair mask. I finally got to do a hair mask this month after being so busy! There are a ton of uses of vitamin E oil, so I recommend it!

The Universe Guru

I have been binge watching all of the Universe Guru’s YouTube videos since I found her recently! She gives great self development advice and I particularly love her videos about minimalism.

Sweet Pea & Pomegranate Candle

This candle smells so sweet without being overpowering. I got it at tjmaxx for a few dollars!

Thank you for reading!!


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