Gifts For The Grad + Cashback For YOU!

‘Tis the season for graduations and celebrations! I put together five gifts that I think will be perfect for any girly graduate in your life (or even yourself 😉)

Not only will I give you some gift ideas but you can EARN money while you shop for them! offers cash back on all your purchases through thousands of online retailers. Everything I wrote about today you can get cash back on just by making a free account with!!

It’s super simple and quick to sign up! After you do that you just type in the store you want to go to, it directs you to the actual website page and you just shop like normal from there! Cashback will add up quick and you can use that money that you would’ve spent anyway to shop some more!

I hope you get some ideas from these beautiful gifts 

1. Planner: this planner from Target is very inexpensive. I would pair this with a cute pen and some little stationery items like washi tape or white out. Everyone can benefit from keeping organized and it doesn’t hurt if your planning has pretty pages!

2. Lunch tote: I’m loving this polka dot Kate Spade lunch tote that has the saying “out to lunch” on it. It’s perfect for a high school graduate going to college or a college girl off to the adult world!

3. Earrings: these earrings will look stunning on anyone! Through out this time in a graduate’s lives there may be times where she will have to be more dressed up for meetings, conferences, etc. these earrings will go with any outfit and can make a simple blouse and skirt look super sophisticated.

4.  Motives “the present” gift set: this is literally the perfect gift for any girl! Whether they wear makeup or not, like I said there may be times where looking more put together is called for. Date nights and going with friends; this gift has all the makeup your girl will need! It’s convenient for travel and stacks on top of each other. Lips, eyes, face.. this is my favorite gift of these five 💜

5. Motives Cosmetics Demure Palette: yes another makeup item, but I think a very essential one! This eye shadow palette comes with 10 beautifully pigmented neutral shadows that ANYONE can wear. Day-to-night looks will be so easy and fast!

I’ve provided links to all these items – but don’t forget to make your website first!

Sign up at and stay up to date with my work on there too!


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