How To Have A Successful Monday

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a quick post on how I start my Mondays to have a successful start to it!

The beginning of the week can either be a dreary stereotypical Monday OR you can begin by realizing its a brand new start!

Positivity is the main ingredient to this before you continue reading! Set yourself up for a good mood and enjoy these little things you can do to start the morning on the right note.

1. Don’t check your phone! Start your morning by not opening your phone and checking social media. I use my phone as my alarm clock so checking the time is necessary; but waking up and automatically starting to subconsciously compare yourself to your friends can start the day off on a not so great note. Instead lay and mediate. I know, it sounds cliché or cheesy but I promise it will make a HUGE difference.

2. Drink water and eat healthy BEFORE you leave the house. I have found that if I don’t eat or drink before I leave I will not only spend / waste money on fast food, but I will not Start my day off very good by eating it. I definitely admit to living on Dunkin’ Donuts most of the time. I will tell myself I don’t have to eat right now and I will get some later. That usually leads to throwing some donut munchkins in the bag or getting too much sugar in an iced coffee. Now I remind myself to prepare ahead of time!

3. Take your time to get ready. I have a thing called “me-time” in the morning where I get my coffee ready and sit down at my vanity to do my makeup. Personally, I find doing my makeup very therapeutic; so taking my time is relaxing. Bonus! You will look fabulous all day anytime you check in the mirror and feel put together for your productivity. I honestly feel a difference if I don’t do this and end up rushing through everything. It’s difficult for me to stop that “rushed” feeling throughout the whole rest of the day.

4. Positive affirmations and quotes. I LOVE positive quotes and affirmations. If you keep a quote in a frame, attached to your mirror, etc.. that quote will stand out to you in your mind for the day. Try going on Pinterest and printing out / writing some favorites so you can wake up on a Monday and slay the day! I love putting them as my phone background so when I do check the time I’m instantly reminded of whatever it says.

Thank you for readddingggg!

Have a great week !


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