Summer Haul for the Semi-Minimalist Wardrobe

I don’t do a lot of fashion type posts on here, mostly because fashion is not my forté lol. I like finding inexpensive clothing that are classic and will work with anything if it is mixed and matched. I would consider myself having a minimalist “capsule” view towards clothing.

I wanted to make these types of posts for the women like me. I love neutral, easy to wear, comfy clothes. I don’t want to spend a lot of time putting outfits together! So I try to go as simple as possible without sacrificing style.

Although not in this post, TJMAXX and Marshalls are my favorites for clothes a lot of the time. Their prices are amazing. I also really love target for clothes, bathing suits, jewelry, and shoes.

Today, I went to the mall and did some summer shopping for a few things. I really love what I came home with!

Don’t forget to go to before you go online to purchase from these and MANY other retailers! You can get cash back for already shopping and it’s so easy to do!! Just make your account, register your regular credit card, type in your store name in the search bar and get directed to the site; where you will shop like normal! Saving cash AND making it while you shop!

First up,


I’m totally in love with this burgundy ombré maxi dress! {$19.90} It’s so light weight and comfortable. I saw they had this in blue and olive-green and after trying it on in the dressing room, I was tempted to get all the colors! I especially love when dresses have the cinched-in waist. Second, I got the cutest little cosmetic pouch. I’m so obsessed with anything marble print so as soon as it caught me eye, I knew it was mine. At {$9.90} you can’t go wrong! And I’ll be using this to organize things in my purse.


I haven’t been in Charlotte Russe for a while now but I was surprised at how many  things I ended up loving. This white top made it home with me and I love the off-the-shoulder style on it {$21.99}. I think this will look so pretty dressed up or down. Next I saw this ring set and had to have it! I’ve been on the hunt for cute little ring sets like this and I fell in love with this {$6} set.


American eagle is another store I’ve been getting back into, mostly for their tops. I was stunned with how soft & comfortable these were! Both shirts came out to {$18.71} each with a discount that AE was giving. I’m definitely going back for more of their tops – awesome quality with good sale prices.

I hope you got some inspiration from my little haul! As I’ve gotten older I’ve evaluated which clothes I actually wear and what my style really is. I’m so happy with these purchases!


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