Hair and Skin Pampering Products

Time to light a candle

And write this post about my favorite hair and skin products I use when I want to pamper myself a little.

Within the last year or two I heard of dry brushing. I researched the benefits and was amazed at how something so simple can really make a difference. It’s very self-explanatory – brushing your skin with a dry brush. I do this before showering since in my research I found this to be the best Routine. The main benefit I enjoy is the enhancement of blood flow and circulation throughout the body. You’re supposed to brush toward your heart and send the circulation toward that direction. Dry brushing also helps with exfoliating dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth.

Coconut oil is a huge part of my Routine. Every so often I do a coconut oil hair mask and just run this through my dry unwashed hair. I let it sit for a minimum of 45 minutes so make sure the oil really penetrates. This always leaves my hair smooth, silly, soft and radiant! I also use coconut oil on my body after the shower. It’s natural unlike scented lotions from Stores.

Of course I couldn’t forget about my masks. Here are two examples of what kind of masks I use. The Patchology sheet masks are super easy to use. This particular one makes my skin hydrated and soft. The Lumiere volcanic mask is an exfoliator that detoxifies my pores.

The GM Collin instant radiance eye patches are soothing under eye patches that hydrate and plump the under eye area. This feels and works perfectly for a little pamper session.

I bought this Sugar Kisses lip scrub in the flavor cotton candy on Amazon and I’m very happy with it. With all the lipsticks I wear on the daily, a nice lip exfoliation has been amazing. My lips always turn out smooth and feeling like new.

Thank you for reading!


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