My Most Used Eye-Makeup Brushes

In my opinion, makeup brushes are of the utmost importance when it comes to the cosmetics world. Without the proper brushes helping you blend and apply, even the most beautiful of makeup product can look off. With that said, I have a slight obsession with I’ve tried quite a few brands in my years doing makeup and have kept going back to certain companies. Morphe is my most bought brands so you will see a lot of those in here.

I wanted to do a follow up post to my most used face brushes that I’ve already wrote about. I hope this post can give you some ideas on what to look for regarding type of brush and brand information; especially if you’re just starting out.

I really love Morphe, ELF, and Sonia Kashuk for affordable makeup brush brands. If washed and cared for properly, these brushes will last you a very long time. Sigma and Sephora brand brushes are more pricier but also super amazing. I’ve never had a brush shed from Sigma!

So for now, here are the eye brushes I use on the daily and what I couldn’t live without in my makeup world!

From left to right…

Morphe M433

A total dupe for the sigma e25; this brush is my absolute favorite for blending! I own two for myself and three for my kit! I use this in the crease for my transition shades as well as an overall blender of colors. I think the quality and density of the brush hairs can do SO many versatile things when it comes to blending.

Morphe M124

This mini flat shader brush is perfect for packing on the pigment. I use the smaller size to especially put shadow on the inner corners and to highlight the brow bone. This brush is also amazing for packing on color to the lid. The size really helps keep your product where you want it.

ELF Concealer Brush

Although you can definitely use this brush for concealer, I use it as an overall shadow for the lid brush. I’m all about going outside of what the product says it’s for, and making it work for me. I was looking for the perfect sized eye brush for an all over lid color and it works great, especially if you need to wet your brush for a little more pigment!

Sephora Pro Crease 10

I’ve had this brush for such a long time and it looks just as in-tact as the day I got it! I use this brush to blend everything together at the end and finish with a flawless eye shadow look. This blends away harsh lines without taking away the color.

ELF Contour Brush

When I first used this brush I used it for nose contouring (which I don’t usually do) this brush is great for that BUT it works even better for me as an outer V brush. I use this to precisely get eyeshadow on the outer half of my lid. I can get small areas with this brush and control where I put product.

Wet N Wild Flat Shader Brush

This brush is so pretty with the white and pink colors. I use this one for smoking out shadow on the bottom lower lash line. On a daily basis I usually skip bottom liner and just use shadow for a more natural effect. This brush is great for packing on color for the lid but I find myself using the tip of it to naturally blend out bottom liner shadows!

Thank you for reading 💜 XOX

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