My name is Jaclyn and I created this website to join the community of working college girls hustling their way to their goals, while still staying on top of the beauty game! 

My Mission Statement:

My goal here is to make each client and/or reader feel beautiful inside and out. I believe that every woman (or man) is special and should LOOK as powerful as they ARE. It is also my opinion that makeup is here to enhance our natural features and make our souls happy. My passion for makeup artistry follows me as I do makeup on others. The blog posts are meant to inspire and entertain. I feel strongly about feeling good inside before you can accept the outside. Love yourself, get creative in your own way, and have fun!

I do not support the testing of animals. as much as I possibly can I research and only buy from  brands/products that uphold that cruelty-free value as well.

 I hope you can join me so we can all Hustle and Highlight together.


Jaclyn @ Hustle & Highlight

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Pinterest: @jmtorresx 

Instagram: @hustleandhighlight

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